Friday, September 16, 2011

The passing of time?

Well I know it has been a long time my beloved friends and family (even the crazy ones!).  One thing that came to mind and it was how do you properly established time in a story?  I know it is a strange question, but are there any particular rules that you followed while writing in order to stay within a certain timeline?

Personally I started to use page count to monitor hours/days passing by.  This however forced me to page count and it took the fun out writing.  Now I just write and let the changes in the environment reflect time passing.  I am also planning to do this using seasons as well. 

So do you all have a certain method/rule/trick that you use to show the passing of time?

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  1. I fudge quite often and for good reasons. For example if I have character driving north to visit his mentor, I give only a rough indication of the number of hours, as I seldom if ever give locations and so prefer not to be specific. Saying that the drive was slow due to traffic and arriving late at night is enough to indicate the distance and time covered.
    In terms of days, weeks etc, unless it is crucial, for example if someone is pregnant, I am again vague. It avoids getting caught by exact details that can trip you up too easily.

  2. I don't know that there are any particular rules. But I think that changes in environment is an excellent way! Or if there is an event on the horizon that you are drawing nearer to. Or sometimes, when a specific amount of time passing really matters, you just have to come out and say, It's been three weeks since... Good luck with it!

  3. To zenandtheartoftightropewalking:
    I found myself tripping over the time a few times. I see how it is better to just avoid it all together. I need to find a balance!

    To: Peggy: The come right out and say it method seems straight to the point. You got me thinking hard!

  4. Like you, I let the seasons help. A quick mention of the dried crumpling leaves, the first snow fall, and we're there. :)

  5. Kimberly Krey: Thanks for visiting my lonely world lol. You went straight to the points in a few words to describe the changes in the seasons. Hmmm I can probably use that for the time of day. A quick mention of the fading sunlight, the first rays of the sun, etc...

    I like it! THANKS!

  6. Like you, changes in the environment. The readers are smart and intuitive and can always catch on to your particular tricks. :)

  7. Thanks Anita! One thing I learned about writing is that certain tricks worked well depending on the type of writing and the intended audience. I am still an amateur stuck in the world full of all you talented writers (authors)!

    Thanks for visiting!