Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Where do you stand on fanfiction?

While Surfing the internet I noticed a few debates between authors and fans regarding fanfiction. I’ve always thought of fanfiction as the ultimate tribute to an author or story. Think about it for a second… Your dreams, thoughts, ideas are now affecting another individual’s imagination. Out of all the things to think about, they are thinking about your work, your ideas, being a part of your world. To me that is amazing!

The story doesn’t end with the final stroke of your pen or keyboard. Now if your work is being used for monetary gain by someone else, then that I am against 100%. Well I guess each to their own.

Take a look at the picture below and notice the black and white pencil drawing. It was done by a 14 year old who created the cat character to fight the heroes of a popular cartoon show called Adventure Time.

The kid's name Gunnar Gilmore of Orange City had his picture sent to the cartoon network studio. The creators of adventures time loved it so much, that they placed the character in the cartoon show. Now what if the studio had sent this kid cease and desist letter? He did after all use a character that was not created by him and placed it in a fanfiction picture. I loved when this cartoon was advertised on the air as fanfiction comes to life. Because the child did not receive a cease and desist letter, but had his creation added to the show he loved, I could imagine that was a dream come true for him. Now the cartoon network is being flooded with thousands of pictures from kids who are interested in getting their characters on the show. I thought everyone was a child at heart. A child can dream can’t they?

So I am wondering, where do you stand on fanfiction?


  1. Before reading this post I haven't give much thought to fanfiction. I did love hearing about this boy's work making it onto his favorite show. How cool! It is obviously a form of flattery and I am sure the boy is an even bigger fan of this show now that his work has shown. His family and friends are probably fans now too!


  2. Hi Fairday! I couldn't imagine a character I made when I was a little kid, actually being put into a real cartoon! Truly that is a dream come true and something he will never forget. And I know his friends will never forget :)

    Thanks for visiting my lonely blog and please don't be a stranger. I will be visiting yours as well!

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