Friday, February 10, 2012

Time for help!

It is Saturday and guess what?  Site still not up!  As you know by now if you come to you will be directed to my blog.  I've decided to get professional help to complete my website.  There comes a time when a person have to venture out and get the help they need.  Right now I need help and I have found the right person to help me. 

  • Currently a new book cover is being designed. I hope to be revealing it soon as it is finalized.  
  • Awaiting my final edits to be returned.
  • Presently working on book 2 in the Raina series.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ups and downs!

Trying to do everything myself is a pain in the you know what...  I will have the new site up and running by this Saturday!  I've been swamped with day to day things, but as you know we all experience such things in this profession.  Hmmm... This is the first time I've used profession to describe what I do.  Every day is a new struggles and new lessons to learn, but that is part of my craft and I accept it.  Well enough of this boring stuff, my final edits is done and I am awaiting the final polished work of art to be returned to me in a few weeks.  Yes I referred to my book as a work of art!  If you don't believe highly of your work, then why should others?