Thursday, November 10, 2011

First book is being edited!

Anyone that knows me personally knows I hate editing with a passion!  That is something that I am working on because it is part of writing.  My first book "Raina: Intertwined Hearts" has been sent out to be edited by professionals and will be returned to me by next month.  Right now I am currently working on book two and I can't find the words to express how it feels to actually see things moving forward.

As a writer I am growing with each passing day.  I know I will continue to have errors and misuse words but that is something I am working on.  I just want to say thanks for following and I am not going anywhere for a long time.  This weekend I am promising that I will be more active on the social networks and to the blogs I follow.  God bless you all for reading!

Excerpt from first book:


  1. Thanks Deb! It took me long enough to come this close. I feel that I can do anything now lol.