Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day and Alone Time

Believe it or not, I like to spend as much time as I can alone.  When I look at myself I don't see an antisocial person, but I see a person who definitely knows the importance of alone time.  One would think such talk would come from a loner.  Don't get the wrong idea bout me!  I enjoy spending time with family and friends just like the next person.  But I am my own best friend.  It been a few years since my mother went on to another place.  I smile every time I think about how much she loved me.  When I was sick she never left my bedside.  She always pressured me to do the right things regardless of what she did herself.  She was a great listener and always gave me the right advice.  Even though most or sad when their parents move on, I am not.  I am happy for the short time I had with her, and I am thankful she has left to join with the Lord.  I will see her again so I am not sad at all.   Happy Mother's Day all!


  1. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful mother. :) I, too, like solitude sometimes. Cherish it, in fact. My life is very busy w/kiddos and husband and family, so when I have time to myself, I'm grateful.

    Your blog is lovely, Rene. And your book sounds so good, judging just by the title! Congrats on finishing your first novel. That's a huge accomplishment!

  2. All I have to say is OMG! I forgot to add a summary of my book. Thank you so much for your kind words. I will add a summary, and try my best not to give the entire story away.